Thursday June 3, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

This Week’s Friday Update:

PD Day – June 4

June is Indigenous History Month

Paul Davis Presentation – Social Media Safety

Classroom Participation

Grade 8 Graduation – Virtual Display

June 4 – PA Day:  We hope that all of our students and families enjoy some time away from the computer screen on this day and other days.  Taking time to nurture creativity and enjoy outdoor activities is important to stay healthy in many ways.

June is Indigenous History Month:  The history of Canada is a shared history.  In the past, we have often only learned a small part of this history.  It is important that we are aware of and recognize all the various people and cultures that have contributed to the Canada that we know today.  This resource provides information about some of the Indigenous culture and history of Canada through stories and CBC videos.

Paul Davis Presentation – Social Media Safety:  Paul Davis is providing an opportunity for parents and guardians to view a virtual presentation on Sunday, June 6th at 8:00 p.m.  If you are interested in listening to this presentation registration is necessary.   Register for your unique log-in/pass-code:   Registration closes at 6:00pm on June 6th. You must register before to get your login/pass-code.  The second step is to look in your email for the log-in credentials (check your Spam inbox if you do not see it).  Follow Paul Davis at  or

Classroom Participation:  Our students have done exceptionally well with remote learning in the last few months. The have learned new skill and demonstrate high levels of responsibility.  We know that watching a computer screen for large parts of the day is difficult at times for our students.  We also know that our students need to take a break from the screen when possible.  If your child is able to engage in the class and have their camera on when presenting work or demonstrating a dance or physical activity, this is helpful for teachers with assessment and evaluation.  If your child needs a break from the classroom, please remember to let the teacher know of the plan. 

Grade 8 Graduation Virtual Display:  Hello LKS community – This year our in-school graduation display case has shifted to a virtual platform. Check out the site below as it showcases the amazing 62 Lambton-Kingsway JMS graduating students of 2021 along with their teachers. We hope you enjoy the display as much as we did.  Congratulations to all the students and our senior teaching staff. .  Thank you to the Grade 8 Graduation parent committee for all of their work creating the display.  Please note that the link is not optimized for smartphones and is best accessed through a computer or chrome device.