Friday, April 30, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

This Week’s Friday Update:

Acknowledging Our Students

Thank You, Parents

Earth Week Slideshow

Mental Health Week

Parents Know Students Best

Supporting Our Students at a Distance

Acknowledging Our Students:  Our students continue to demonstrate independence, flexibility, and resiliency as we learn in our homes.  Students are natural problem solvers and with success comes confidence.  Our teachers are providing activities and assignments that will stretch learning.  Students should take time each week to look at what they have accomplished, set goals for the coming week and be proud of what they have achieved.  An extra hug or a few extra minutes to listen to their thoughts are some of the things that will also help the day run smoothly.

Thank You, Parents: We know that our students are developing their independence skills and demonstrating responsibility beyond what we may have expected.  During remote learning, this can only be achieved with the support of our parents and guardians.  We thank you for your patience and support as you adjust your schedule to provide what is needed for your home. 

Earth Week Slideshow: Last week was Earth Week and many of our classes participated in Earth Week activities and lessons.  Mia in 6A created a wonderful slideshow to boost our knowledge, help the environment and to allow all of us to have some fun. 

Mental Health Week – May 3 – 7:  The TDSB recognizes May 3 – 7 as Mental Health Awareness week.  Many resources and links to resources are available for families on the board website.  

Parents Know Students Best: As parents, you know your children the best.  We know that working from home remotely can cause some challenges.  We have heard from parents who have found it helpful for their children to take physical breaks from the computer screen for a period of time and then return to learning.  If you see that your child needs a break, know that you are not alone.  Our teachers are doing their best to respond to the needs of all students and incorporating body breaks and physical activity into the schedule.  

Supporting Our Students at a Distance: As we continue to learn remotely, we want you to know that the Lambton-Kingsway staff is committed to engaging our students in creative and meaningful ways.  In addition to academics, it’s important that we keep well-being top of mind.  The TDSB professional support services team has put together a series of videos that address wellness through discussions about anxiety. 

Part 1: Anxiety 101 – Is it time to worry?  Describes what anxiety is, how to differentiate between normal and problematic worry and where caregivers can access resources and support.

Part 2: Anxiety 101 – How to help your Children and Teens Cope with Worry  Has strategies and ideas for talking to children and teens about their worries. Discusses listening and empathizing, gently shifting perspectives and problem solving.

Part 3: Anxiety 101 – More Ways to Help Children and Teens Cope with Worry  Discusses coping strategies and self-care, facing fears, relaxation/mindfulness and how caregivers can recognize their own feelings.