Friday, April 23, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

This Week’s Friday Update:

Remote Learning

Liz Pearson Presentation – The Impact of Body Image on Mental Health

Terry Fox News

School Playgrounds

School Council Meeting – April 26th – 7:00 p.m.

Quick links to Covid Safety Measures and Forms

Remote Learning:  Students and staff have once again adjusted well to remote learning. The government has indicated that there is no timeline set for a return to in-person learning.  We will continue to support our students each day with online learning through google classrooms and virtual meetings. 

The one-year anniversary of the declaration of the Covid pandemic has come and gone and we are getting used to living with safety protocols.  Students are learning remotely, vaccines are helping to combat transmission of the virus, but some days it can be challenging for our students and families to greet each day with eagerness and excitement.  This New York Times article suggests naming your feeling, setting aside uninterrupted time and setting small goals will help us through these times.  It is also important for our students to include time for physical activity each day.  Parents know their children best.  If you see that your child would benefit from a break in the day or from the computer screen, then know that we support you in this action.

Parents can be confident that our teachers are professionals and curriculum experts.  We will find ways to support your child’s learning.  Our teachers will emphasize what is needed to ensure success this year and next.  And in the future, if we identify gaps in learning, we will support your child to be successful achieving the curriculum expectations. 

Liz Pearson Presentation: This week our students and parents heard a presentation from Liz Pearson on the ‘Impact of Body Image on Food Intake and Mental Health’.  Liz spoke about the sub-conscious impact of social media, the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle and the need to focus on the positive characteristics that we all have.  We thank Liz for her time both with our students and parents and for sharing her expertise with us.  During the presentation, Liz reminded all of us if students or parents are facing challenges which can be magnified by our present pandemic that it is important to seek help.  Students can speak with parents, family doctors or anonymously can call Kids Help Line 1-800-668-6868 or National Eating Disorder Information 416-340-4156

Terry Fox News:  Congratulations to the students and families of the Lambton-Kingsway community!  The Terry Fox Organization has informed the school that the total of $26.178.68 raised to support cancer research was the second most of all schools in Ontario.  Everyone can be proud of their efforts. We thank our students for supporting this worthwhile cause and recognize Ms. Gibson for her leadership for many years.  April 12, 2021 was the 41st Anniversary of the start of Terry’s Marathon of Hope.  While Terry didn’t know exactly what he could do, he knew he had to TRY.  TRY (which is in his name) reminds us that we can TRY like Terry to work together to fight cancer.  This will be the basis of the Campaign this year, to Try Like Terry

School Playgrounds:  Last week, we informed our families that following the provincial guidelines that our playgrounds would be closed.  Shortly thereafter, an announcement was made by the government that reversed this decision.  Our playgrounds are open!  Please remember:

  • Always wear a mask
  • Maintain social distance whenever possible
  • Keep the playground clean and dispose of garbage appropriately
  • When we take care of our playground, it is better for all

School Council Meeting – April 26th 7:00 p.m.:  Our final School Council meeting of the year will be held on Monday, April 26th at 7:00 p.m.  The virtual meeting will be hosted on Zoom.  Click the LINK to join the meeting.