Lambton-Kingsway Update – April 13, 2021

Lambton-Kingsway Families,

We hope that everyone is well and is finding opportunities to enjoy the Spring Break.

Yesterday, the provincial government and the Ministry of Education announced that schools for students in Ontario will remain closed and learning will continue remotely beyond the Spring Break.  At this point in time, a return date to school has not been identified.  Although this in not the announcement that we were hoping to hear, it is understandable in light of the continued rise in Covid cases in Ontario and especially in the Toronto region.  Our students and staff were prepared for a longer period of remote learning.  When students dismissed from Lambton-Kingsway on Tuesday, April 6th, they took with them all of their school work and personal belongings.  Google classrooms have remained active and teachers were prepared for the switch to remote learning the next day.  Our staff will continue to provide remote learning experiences for students in the coming weeks until a return to school. 

We know that it is important for our students and families to participate in physical activity throughout a time of remote learning and during periods in which the government has issued stay-at-home orders.  The playground of Lambton-Kingsway is often used by the community for physical activity.  We remind our students that if they are making use of the facilities that it is more important to take all precautions necessary to prevent the transmission of the virus.  If using the facilities students should:

  • Observe social distance
  • Wear masks
  • Avoid gathering in larger numbers
  • Demonstrate good hand hygiene (i.e., avoid touching your face, use hand sanitizer, wash hands upon returning home) at all times
  • Keep the playground clean and tidy for all others and to not litter

We hope that all of our Lambton-Kingsway students and families remain safe and healthy throughout the coming months and we look forward to our return to school as soon as possible. 

C. Howe            K.Norton