Friday, March 26, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

This Week’s Friday Update:

April 2 – April 5 – Easter Holiday

Hat Day

Student Absence Reporting

Earth Hour

Photo Day – CHANGE

March Madness – STEM Event

Parent Council – Staff Appreciation

Quicklinks to Covid Safety Measures and Forms

April 2 – April 5 – Easter Holiday:  April 2 is Good Friday and April 5 is Easter Monday.  There is no school on this four-day holiday weekend.  Easter is the celebration for those of Christian religion which recognizes the resurrection.  During this holiday, people often celebrate with family, prayer and feasts.  This year, we wish all those celebrating, a Happy Easter and remind all of the need to follow our public health guidelines to remain safe. 

Hat Day:  Our Student Council declared a month of Friday Spirit days in March.  Friday, March 26th our students were encouraged to wear hats of all sorts to show their spirit.  We saw favorite team wear, inventive hats, rain hats and so much more.  Lambton-Kingsway students always show spirit and enthusiasm.  Keep watching the Friday Flash as more spirit days are on the horizon. 

Student Absence Reporting:  We appreciate that our families contact the school in a proactive manner to report that a child will be absent for the day or part of the day.  With our new Covid reporting procedures it is even more important than ever that we are aware of the reason for the absence.  If a parent reports that a student will be absent, and no explanation is given, then our office staff will be calling to follow up.  In order to avoid us interrupting your day, please take time to provide a brief reason for the absence.  Absences can be reported by calling 416-394-7890 and leaving a message with your child’s name, the teacher’s name and the reason for absence. 

Earth Hour: Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 p.m. is Earth Hour.  Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 as a symbolic lights-out event to bring attention to our environment.  It is now a world-wide movement to remind everyone that our environment needs to be cared for, well managed and protected for many future generations.  The Earth Hour organization is one of the encourages everyone to talk and act.

Photo Day – CHANGE:  The City of Toronto remains in the ‘Gray Zone’ which means that school photographers are not allowed to enter the schools at this time.  This has meant that we have had to reschedule our Grade 8 classes for April 20th.  We are working with our photography company to determine dates for the rest of the school.

March Madness:  During the past two weeks the students, our senior students have participated in STEM activities in which they have designed boats and towers, participated in egg and marble runs and solved ‘Einstein’ riddles.  Throughout the events students demonstrated teamwork and collaboration. 

Parent Council – Staff Appreciation: *Kindly accepting donations*!
In lieu of a potluck, Parent Council will be holding our staff appreciation lunch on April 8, before the break.  Please show your support by offering a small donation to cover the cost of food. You can send etransfers to: 

Lunch (following all COVID protocols) will be served through a local parent in the school. Check out her website at  Donations will be accepted until Friday April 2nd, look for more information from your grade parent(s). 

Thanks for your support!