Friday, March 19, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

This Week’s Friday Update:

Recent Events in Atlanta

Lambton-Kingsway Newspaper

Spring Day

Hat Day

March Madness Activities

School Photos – Update

Close Contacts in Household

Quicklinks to Covid Safety Measures and Forms

Recent Events in Atlanta: The recent events in Atlanta have been in the media throughout the United States and Canada.  Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted by this incident.  Sadly, we continue to see incidents of anti-Asian racism in Canada and throughout the world.  TDSB staff continue to work to identify, interrupt and address acts of racism, discrimination and hate.  We will continue to support our students and families with important resources.  Events such as these can lead to challenging conversations with students and children.  Our board support services provides resources for parents and teachers during these times.

Lambton-Kingsway Student News:  Our students are industrious in their efforts! Lambton-Kingsway now has a school newspaper.  It includes articles written by students about mask-wearing, climate change, important figures, and much more. There is also room for student work, stories, and poems. It will be updated every Monday. You can check it out now at Lambton-Kingsway Student Newspaper.   It’s a great way to stay connected and see what is happening at LKS during COVID.

Spring Day:  The Lambton-Kingsway spirit was on display on Friday, March 19th.  Our Student Council ‘Spring’ Day was celebrated by wearing bright colours, floral patterns and pastels.  Our students’ positive thoughts and attitude is helping us urge spring to come soon!

Hat Day:  Our Student Council is finishing our Lambton-Kingsway month of Friday spirit days with Hat Day on Friday, March 26th.  Students are encouraged to wear their favorite hat on this day.

March Madness Activities:  The students in 8A, 8B, 7A, 7B and 6/7A participated in a week of activities in the last period of each day this week.  The activities required skill and cooperation and resulted in a friendly competition between the classes.  Students participated in a range of events that required the balancing of eggs, marble relays, boat building, tower building and so much more.  STEM activities provide opportunities for students to develop inquiry skills through practical ‘hands-on’ activities.

School Photos – Update:  The TDSB and Toronto Public Health has advised schools that when Toronto moves into the ‘Red Zone’ we will be able to have school photos taken.  We continue to hold March 30 and 31 as tentative dates for our school photos.  Photographs will be taken while adhering to all TDSB safety protocols.  Our priority will be our Grade 8 Graduation photos.  We will provide further details about the schedule once all is confirmed.

Close Contacts in Household:  Each school and family in the TDSB is working to keep all students, staff and parents safe.  Hearing that a family member has been a close contact of a positive case of Covid can be unsettling.  Everyone is reminded that if a family member contracts Covid-19 or is a ‘Close Contact’ that all students in the family are to remain home for a period of 14 days regardless of test results.  In these cases, Toronto Public Health suggests that individuals monitor for symptoms, isolate for 14 days and if you choose to be tested to do so 7 days after exposure.