Friday, February 25, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

This Week’s Friday Update:

Pink Shirt Day

Stories Are Stronger Than Hate

Police Check Renewal

Student Photos – Tentative

March Break – Change of dates

Lunchroom Supervision Positions Available

Parking Lot Concerns

Quick Links to Covid Safety Measures

Pink Shirt Day: On Feb. 24th our students wore pink shirts and had classroom discussions about the importance of showing kindness each day and to stand up to bullying of all forms; physical, racial, homophobic and social.  Our classes researched the importance of the day.  Learn more about the beginning and meaning of this day from Travis Price – Creating Pink Shirt Day .  We will need your pink shirts again on April 14th – International Day of Pink as our students stand together for equality and acceptance.

Stories are Stronger Than Hate: On February 25th our Grade 7 and 8 students participated in a virtual presentation moderated by Dr. Stephen D. Smith.  The students from Ms. Quinn’s provided us with this reflection: “On Thursday, February 25th we had the opportunity to join a live virtual program called Stories are Stronger Than Hate: A Call to Action. We learned from Max Eisen about the holocaust and how he survived a concentration camp. We also learned from Joe Wilson Jr about the 761st “Black Panther” Tank Battalion and how they liberated some of the concentration camps. We learned about how it’s important to listen to different people’s stories and experiences so that we can understand more about people that are different from ourselves. We gained a better understanding of anti-black racism and antisemitism and that hate is something that we need to continue to fight against.  Discrimination against black and Jewish people continues to be an issue years after the liberation and it is our job to learn from this and be better.” 

Police Check Renewal:  Parents, if you have volunteered at Lambton-Kingsway in the past and have had a police check, it may be time to update your information.  Send an email to with ‘Offence Declaration’ in the subject line and our office staff will contact you to renew your police check.  There is no cost to renew.  If you do not renew within a school year of the first police check, you may need to begin the process again.

Student Photos – TENTATIVE:  We have tentatively scheduled school photos for March 30 and 31.  Having photos taken is contingent upon approval from Toronto Public Health and the TDSB.  We are hopeful that we will be out of lockdown by that time and we will receive approval to move forward.  The photos will take place in a socially distanced manner and we will adhere to Covid safety guidelines.  We will prioritize Grade 8 Graduation photos but our goal is to provide an opportunity for all students.

March Break:  The Ministry of Education has moved the March Break to April 12-16.  Regular classes will continue to take place at Lambton-Kingsway during each week of March. 

Lunchroom Supervision Positions Available:  Lambton-Kingsway JMS is looking for lunchroom supervisors to supervise students from during lunch for a period of 75 minutes each day.  This is an hourly wage position.  If you are interested in applying for a lunchroom supervisor position or would like to know more information, send an email to our school email with ‘Lunchroom Supervisor’ in the subject line. 

Parking Lot Use for Morning Drop Off:  Parents and caregivers are reminded that the parking lot can be used for a ‘Kiss and Ride’ drop-off each morning. There are limited spaces in our parking lot and it is dangerous to park a vehicle in an unmarked location.  We ask parents and caregivers to adhere to the ‘No Stopping’ signs on the sound side of the lot. If parents or caregivers are wanting to wait with their child prior to school, vehicles should be parked on a side street and a short walk to school should accomplish the task safely.

Quick Links to Covid Safety Measures:

TDSB Covid Guidance Information Page

Toronto Public Health

New screening questions are also available at Toronto Public Health. 

New screening tool

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Screening App – Grade 7 and 8

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