Friday, February 19, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

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Return to In-Person School – Tuesday, February 16th

Pink Shirt Day – Wednesday, February 24th

Grade 7 – Vulture’s Nest Presentations

Reminder – March Break Date

Quick Links to Covid Safety Measures

Study Habits

Return to School – We Are Happy to Be Back:  Our students and staff returned to in-person schooling on Tuesday, February 16th and we are happy to be back.  Our students were happy to see friends and teachers and looked forward to continuing their learning in the classroom.  A key to managing change is to look for the positive aspects.  Our students noted that although they preferred to be in school, there were many advantages to remote learning.  Some of the highlighted advantages were; less travel time, more comfortable surroundings, food and drink was close at hand.  The greatest advantage to learning from home was that our students could spend more time with their parents, siblings and pets. 

Pink Shirt Day – Wednesday, February 24th:  Pink Shirt Day is a day in which all people are encouraged to wear Pink to symbolize that you do not tolerate bullying.  You don’t need to purchase a pink shirt to show your support on this day, pink accessories work just as well.  We encourage all people to practice kindness towards others every day and to wear your pink on this day. 

Grade 7 Vulture’s Nest Presentations:  Our Grade 7 students developed, planned and presented innovative projects to the ‘Vulture’s Nest’ on February 18th.  Congratulations to our students for their creativity and ingenuity as they pitched their products and plans to our guest venture capitalists.  Thank you to our parent volunteers who assisted with our Grand Finale day. 

March Break – Change: A reminder to all families that the Ministry of Education has moved the March Break to April 12-16.  Families are also reminded of the Public Health requirement to isolate for a period of 14 days if you leave the country. 

Quick Links to Covid Safety Measures:

TDSB Covid Guidance Information Page

Toronto Public Health

New screening questions are also available at Toronto Public Health. 

New screening tool

TDSB Student Health Pass

Screening App – Grade 7 and 8

Back to School Confirmation Form

Study Habits:  Students are looking for support as they strive for academic success.  Effective study habits are one key element in success.  Some key habits include the following:

  1. Get organized
  2. Know the expectations
  3. Have a designated study area
  4. Develop a study plan
  5. Think positively

The internet has thousands of articles and blogs about effective study habits. The most important thing to do is to think about your studying, be honest with your approach set goals for improvement.