Friday, February 12, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Friday Flash

This Week’s Friday Update:

Return to In-Person School – Tuesday, February 16th

Monday, February 15th – Family Day – No School

Back-To-School Health and Safety Measures – UPDATED

Mask Storage

Return of Borrowed Computers

March Break – CHANGE

Return to School – Tuesday, February 16th Students and staff will be returning to the classrooms at Lambton-Kingsway JMS on Tuesday, February 16th.  Everyone can take pride in the learning and work that was completed in the past 6 weeks in the remote environment.  Students, teachers and families demonstrated their flexibility, creativity and resilience in adjusting to the changes that were required.  Congratulations to our students for continuing to stay focussed and for maintaining high standards of learning. We are ready for your return. 

Monday, February 15th – Family Day:  Family Day is a holiday for students and staff.  There will be no school on this day.  Students are to return to school on Tuesday, February 16th.

Updated Back-To-School Health and Safety Measures:  The TDSB and Toronto Public Health has updated the screening information for students and staff members to reflect the new safety guidelines.  The new screening questions are also available at Toronto Public Health. 

We will continue to follow safety measures that were in place since the start of the year, however, there will also be some NEW changes based upon Toronto Public Health recommendations:

  • DAILY SCREENING: Prior to coming to school each day, students are to screen for symptoms using the  new screening tool
    • NEW – A student must stay home if:
      • Any household family member has one or more symptoms
      • Anyone in the household has travelled outside of Canada, the student should remain home for a period of 14 days
      • Anyone in the household has been notified that they are a close contact of someone in the last 14 days or if a person in the household has been told to stay home and self-isolate
  • A parent signed TDSB Student Health Pass or Completed Screening App (Grade 7 and 8 only but may also choose to use paper form instead) to confirm health screening completed must for child/ren every day.
  • Upon entry to the school, display of the Health Pass or Screening App confirmation to the teacher or office 
  • NEW – As we cannot ensure that students will remain physically distanced while outdoors, students will be required to wear masks during this time as directed by TPH.  Teachers will be encouraged to give classes mask breaks when outside when physical distance can be ensured. 
  • NEW – Lunch break will require students to eat quietly and not talk to friends while their masks are off, as recommended by TPH
  • Frequent handwashing with soap and water and hand sanitizing remains necessary
  • If you are feeling unwell, remain home and consult Toronto Public Health or your family doctor
  • The Back to School Confirmation Form needs to be completed and sent with students returning to school when absent from school due to illness or isolation procedures. This is very important.

The screening is to be confirmed by using the updated TDSB Student Health Pass or the screening app (can be used by Grade 7 or 8 students only) which can be found here.

Students are asked to print a new TDSB Student Health Pass to be prepared for the start of school on Tuesday, February 16th

Mask Storage:  Students should wear a mask while at school and outside when a distance of 2 metres is not possible.  A spare mask should also be sent to school with a student, if possible.  As per Toronto Public Health guidelines, the mask can be stored in a paper bag or small container.  Plastic bags should be avoided.  The paper bag should be disposed of at the end of the day and the container should be washed each day.

Return of Borrowed Computers:  As we are now returning to school, we ask that if a student is returning to Lambton-Kingsway that the technology that was borrowed from the school be returned on Tuesday, February 16th.  Students may return a computer or chromebook to their homeroom teacher who will process the return.

March Break – CHANGE:  On Thursday, February 11th, the Ministry of Education announced a change to the March Break which was originally scheduled for March 15-19.  The break has been postponed until April 12-16.  We ask that you make note of this in your calendars.