Friday, January 8, 2021 – Lambton-Kingsway Update

This Week’s Friday Update:

P. A. Day – Friday, January 15 – No School

Remote Learning Extended

Grade 8 to 9 Optional Attendance Forms

Importance of Physical Activity

Indoor Games

Building Resilience in our Students

P. A. Day – Friday, January 15:  January 15th has been set aside as a reporting and assessment day for teachers.  There will be no school for students on this day.  School will resume on Monday, January 18th.

Remote Learning Extended to January 22:  The Provincial Government has announced that due to high Covid-19 numbers students will remain learning remotely for the next two weeks ending January 22nd.  Although we all would like to be in school in person, our experience this week has demonstrated that our students are adaptable to new learning environments.  We know that our students will continue to be successful with the support of our teaching staff and our Lambton-Kingsway families. 

The shift to remote learning in the first week of January was relatively smooth for our students and staff.  Students continued to remain engaged and involved with the learning opportunities provided by our teachers.  If your child is experiencing any difficulties connecting to the Google classroom or completing learning activities, please make sure that you inform your child’s teacher and we will work to address the problem as soon as possible.   

Grade 8 to 9 Optional Attendance Forms:  Some of our Grade 8 students are applying to Grade 9 programs that require an Optional Attendance form.  The form is to be signed by the school and delivered to the Secondary School.  If your child is applying to a Secondary School and an optional attendance form is required and you have not already completed this process, please do the following:

The form will then be signed by our office and forwarded to the Secondary School on your behalf.

Importance of Physical Activity:  Physical activity provides many benefits for students such as maintaining body strength, enhancing growth and developing and maintaining a healthy immune system.  As we strive to follow distancing and isolating guidelines set out by our local health organizations, it is also important to find safe strategies to provide a break from screens and to exercise.  This article from the Global Alliance for Healthy Active Kids contains information about the importance of remaining physically active. 

When we are learning remotely, it can be challenging to follow guidelines that suggest limiting screen time, however, the Caring for Kids website provides some valuable suggestions and links that may provide ideas for families.  The Active for Life website also contains valuable suggestions for physical activity for everyone including a Winter Activity bucket list.  We know our Lambton-Kingsway families will stay safe and active during this time. 

Indoor Games: As we all do our part to maintain social distance, it can be difficult to find activities to engage our students who may need to remain indoors more often than usual.  Here are a number of interesting ideas that will keep children involved for many hours.

Building Resilience in Our Students:  The past year has been a busy and different time for all of us.  One of the skills that allows us to manage difficult situations is resilience.  Resilient people know that difficult situations will occur, they know to focus on what is in their control and work on actions that will help improve the circumstances.  Dr. Jean Clinton has created a short video with suggestions to help build the skill of resilience in our students.