November 13 Update

Hello LKS Parents.
Hope all of you are well.
Hard to believe that we are already halfway through November with report cards and interviews taking place next week. In this week’s update:

  1. Reporting and Interviews
  2. Curriculum Night Material
  3. Grade 7/8 Vaccinations
  4. Social Media
  1. Reporting and Interviews
    Kindergarten Communication of Learning and Grade 1 to 8 Progress Report Cards will be sent home at the end of the day Monday, November 16. Parent/Teacher interviews will take place throughout the course of the week, predominantly Thursday, November 19 in the evening and
    Friday, November 20 in the morning. As you know, all interviews will be either virtual or over the phone and your child’s teacher will be communicating this information to you.
  2. Curriculum Night
    In lieu of our traditional curriculum night and corn roast, all of our classrooms have communicated the information with you that would have been typically shared on this night in past years. You will find it in Google Classrooms, Class Websites, or in some cases it has been sent out to you via email. We look forward to having you back inside our walls one day, but please do take the time to review the material.
  3. Grade 7/8 Vaccinations
    Toronto Public Health has suspended the in-school vaccine program for this year, which means you will have to arrange for your child to have the 2nd dose through your family doctor or through a TPH clinic.
    Here is a link with information:
  4. Social Media
    We had three great sessions on Monday November 9 with Paul Davis, two with students during the day and one in the evening with parents. Paul’s ‘no-nonsense’ approach to keeping our kids safe in the world of social networking is not only powerful but much needed in 2020.
    To all parents whose children have social media accounts we are going to make a suggestion … call it some weekend homework. We encourage you to go through your children’s accounts. We know many of you already do this but do ask for all of you to do it on a regular basis. As parents, we own the devices being used and it is important that we know how they are being used. Every time I hear Paul speak, it helps keep me on my toes as a parent as well.

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for all you do.
All of us at LKS