COVID Operational Guidelines – UPDATE

Good morning LKS Families.

Hope all of you are well.

We received an update late yesterday in regards to COVID-19 Case Management.

In short, if a student shows symptoms of COVID-19:

  • If at school, they will be sent to our Wellness Room in the Main Office, parents will be called to pick-up
  • They will be encouraged to go for testing or speak to their healthcare provider
  • They should self-isolate for 14 days from the start of symptoms unless: they have been tested and have a negative result or, received an alternate diagnosis from a healthcare provider

In regards to siblings:  If a student has a household family member (close contact) that is waiting for COVID-19 test results, all household contacts should self-monitor but can continue to attend school if not symptomatic.

Please continue to use the paper Student Health pass as you screen your child(ren) each morning and make sure they bring to school each day, signed and dated.  Our intermediate teachers (grade 7 and 8) are currently working with their students to have the Screening App on their personal devices.  This will take the place of the paper pass.

Finally, we have been working with all of our students to have their masks on when they arrive at school in the morning and after lunch to line-up.  Thank you to all of you for dropping off and then backing off to allow us to spread out as much as possible.

We have also noticed a large number of our students gathering in the shale pit after school, without masks and not maintaining distance.  We know you are having conversations at home and we will continue to have conversations at school about the much needed practices at this time.  Together, we will do everything we can to keep our students healthy and safe.

Thanks as always and have a great Tuesday.

John and Kimm