Opening Week

Good afternoon LKS Families.

We are almost there … tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15 we welcome our SKs, Grade 4s, Grade 8s, and our ISP class.  We don’t need to tell you that this has been a process like never before but we are confident we are ready.

Beginning today, we will send out specific reminders for each of our three entry days so please watch for that.

Kimm and I would like to thank you for your cooperation as we rolled out our revised class lists on Saturday.  While we appreciate the concerns that were brought forward with some class placements, as we mentioned in the placement letter there will be no movement at this time.  Students and staff need time to adjust to our new routines, new classmates, and new organization.  It is important to note that approximately one-third of our staff was asked to change their teaching assignment, and in some cases classrooms, as well as rework several class lists with one days’ notice.  They have done so willingly and continue to be positive and eager to see our students.

For those of you that have asked how your child was placed in a combined grade, in most cases it was the result of our original straight grade classes being collapsed and combined with another grade level.  Before this began we only had one combined grade class and now have five.  It is possible if our allocation changes again – we are anticipating that possibility today –  and we will be adding a sixth.  

On behalf of Kimm and I we apologize that we cannot get back to all of you at this time.  We pride ourselves on almost always being available but ask for your patience, your cooperation, and your understanding as our main focus this week is a smooth and safe opening for all.

Please stay tuned for your specific day instructions that will come out today through Wednesday.

Take care,

John and Kimm