September 10 Update

Good morning LKS Parents.

Hope all of you and our students are well.  So much to share that we are sure we might forget something.

We are still in the midst of reorganizing the entire school.  We have a new classroom model, are working our way through student placements, re-timetabling, giving teachers their new assignments and all of the other tasks that this very unique year has thrown at us. 

Our new model is as follows. 

  • JSK1/2/3/4/5
  • 1A/B/C
  • 2A/B/C
  • 23A
  • 3A/B/C
  • 4A
  • 45A/B
  • 5A
  • 56A
  • 6A
  • 67A
  • 7A/B
  • 8A/B
  • ISP (Autism)

Overall, we are down 3.5 teachers – 36 to 32.5, and continue to work through some of the challenges that presents including reworking class lists and timetables.

The only class that currently exceeds the cap of 27 at this time is 8A, 33 students, which we are relocating to the library which is now closed and can be used as a classroom.  We feel we can safely distance the students in there, there are windows, and it is a nice environment for learning.  We are arguing for an additional class but won’t know until Monday.  Looking across much of the system, LKS is in really good shape as many schools lost up to 50% of their staff and their numbers are quite disjointed.

Kimm and I will be in on Saturday to finalize and send out class placements to parents over the weekend.  We hope to have them all in the system by tomorrow morning and then it takes 24 hours to generate new lists.  In that email you will be told class, teacher, and where to meet on the first day.

Our staggered entry does not change as a result of the new model and once students arrive they are in school full-time.  As a reminder:

  • Tuesday September 15 – SK/Grade 4/Grade 8/ISP Autism
  • Wednesday September 16 – JK/Grade 1/Grade 7
  • Thursday September 17 – Grade 2/3/5/6

If your child is in a combined grade class, grade 6/7 as an example, the grade 6s in that class would begin on Thursday September 17 while the grade 7s in the class would start on Wednesday September 16.

As parents ourselves we know the angst that sometimes surrounds class placements.  We have worked, reworked, and then reworked our class lists again.  Much time, effort, and concern for the children goes into these placements and we will not be making any changes in placements unless actual numbers are off once the students arrive or if we are once again asked to reorganize due to enrollment.  We thank you in advance for not ‘lighting’ up our inbox.

Our Parent Manual will be updated to reflect the new classes and any other changes that have come down the pipe this week.

Thank you in advance and will be in touch.

John and Kimm