August 28 Update

Good morning LKS Families.

Happy Friday!

We apologize to those of you that did not receive the registration survey link this week and thank you for letting us know your intentions.  The survey will conclude tomorrow and we are to get our numbers on Monday August 31.

Most of our staff has been in this week setting up their classrooms, reconfiguring furniture, and meeting as grade level teams to plan.  Things are taking shape nicely and as always, a big thank you to our crew.

Here is a quick summary of what will be taking place over the next few days.

Once we receive our returning student numbers, it is possible our teacher allocation will change – it could increase, it might decrease – this will be determined by the numbers from the registration survey.  As a staff and in consultation with your Parent Council if we need to adjust our classes that will be done next week and completed by Friday September 4.  We will notify all parents of grade 1 to 8 class placements between September 8-10.  We don’t anticipate any changes to our JK/SK classes or placements at this time.  Our classes will be capped at 27 in JK/SK, 20 in Grades 1-3, and 27 in grades 4-8.

All staff will be involved in training/meetings from September 1-3 at LKS on a number of topics including COVID-19: Health and Safety Protocols; Anti-Racism, Anti-Discrimination, and Anti-Indigenous Racism; Mental Health, Well-Being and Anti-Bullying; Remote Online Learning Strategies and Tools; and the new Elementary Math Curriculum.  Outside of this, we will continue setting up the school in a manner that encourages physical distancing both inside and outside.

As previously mentioned, you will all receive a LKS Parent Manual which will be your guide to support what is expected at school from the time your children enter the school in the morning to when they exit in the afternoon.  As I ‘Tweeted’ out this week, while are going to look different, we are still LKS.

Finally, Kimm and I will be interviewing for two JK/SK positions and a grade 1 position in the next couple of weeks.  Until the process is complete, Amanda Westover and Christine Selby-Munro will be returning to LKS to set up the JK/SK rooms and Sabrina Ruffolo returns to be in the Grade 1 class.  When the process is complete, we will formally announce teachers.

Enjoy the weekend and will continue to keep you in the loop.

John and Kimm