August 25 Update

Good morning LKS Families.

Hope all of you are well.  The following message is from the TDSB regarding a second survey regarding registration.  Even if you answered the recent phone calls, or have let Kimm and I know you intentions, we are asking all parents to complete.  Our staffing and classroom organization is dependent on accurate data.

After recent changes from the Ministry of Education, the TDSB has adjusted and finalized the models for elementarysecondary and virtual learning for September 2020. As a result of these changes, we wanted to give parents/guardians the opportunity to review the new models and make a final decision about registration for their children.

Starting on Wednesday, August 26, the TDSB will be contacting parents/guardians and asking them to register their children for either in-person (in-school) or remote (Virtual School) learning for September 2020. It is very important that all parents/guardians complete the registration so that schools can create accurate class lists and staff appropriately.

Learn more about the models for elementarysecondary and virtual learning for September 2020, and the TDSB’s plan for the safe return to school.

About the Registration Process:

  • On August 26, parents/guardians with an email address on file will receive a link to register their children online. Only parents/guardians who do not have an email address on file or who do not complete the online registration before the deadline (Saturday, August 29) will receive an automated registration phone call.
  • It is very important that all parents/guardians complete this registration, including those who have already filled out the pre-registration survey sent earlier this month.
  • The link to register online cannot be shared as it is connected to an individual student through a unique student identification number.  
  • Parents/guardians with more than one child will receive one email per child and will be required to complete a separate registration for each child.
  • Phone calls will come from School Messenger and will display a “1-833” number. This is the same number used for Attendance calls.
  • As only the elementary, secondary and virtual learning models have changed, the TDSB will not be asking EdVance and Adult learners to confirm their registration. The results from the pre-registration survey will be used, and EdVance and Adult learners can contact their schools directly starting August 31 to make any changes to their registration. Principals will also begin contacting EdVance and Adult learners who did not complete the pre-registration survey.
  • Starting the week of August 31, schools will begin following-up with parents/guardians who did not complete the registration.

We thank you in advance and will keep you apprised of the any further action needed on your part.

Talk soon.

John and Kimm