June 12 Update

Hello LKS Families.

We hope all of you are healthy and well.

Thank you to all of you that have been into the school the past three days to pick up your child’s(rens) belongings.  Other than cutting off the odd lock, things have been pretty smooth.  A big thank you for returning school materials as well (i.e. library books, text books).  We have two more days booked for parent access and then will be opening up the school at select times for staff to once again come in and complete year-end tasks.

A special message to our grade 8 students to please make sure you return all school materials including any instruments you may have at home.  Thanks in advance to our graduating crew.  

Speaking of graduating, in a ‘normal’ world, tonight would have been our grade 8 graduation … quite sad!  We will be having a virtual ceremony for our grade 8 students on Monday June 22.  While it is not meant to replace the real thing, we do hope it brings some happiness and closure to their elementary school career.  We will hold out hope we can do something in real-life for them in the Fall.

Two remaining items in this week’s update.

1.  Report Cards

Kindergarten Communication of Learning and Grade 1 to 8 report cards will be sent out electronically between June 22 and June 26 to the e-mail addresses we have on file.  If by chance we don’t have an e-mail for you, the reports will be mailed out at the same time.

2.  Talking About Race and Racism With Children

Recent events in the United States and Canada depicting acts of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism have made it incumbent upon all of us to be having conversations with our children.  Having schools closed and being unable to have these conversations with our students, makes it even tougher.  While sadly these events are not new, as parents it is crucial that we are having these conversations at home. It is during this time of COVID, as school leaders we are frustrated and somewhat lost as to how we support because we need our students in front of us now more than ever. 

Please feel free to use the following link for resources to support you with these conversations.  I too have leaned on some of these resources for conversations in my own house.


We wish all of you a great weekend, take care of yourselves, and know we are still here to support.

John and Kimm