Weekly Bulletin, June 21

Hello LKS Families,

Another great year at LKS comes to an end. A huge thank you to John, Kimm, teachers and staff! Thank you also to Parent Council and Grade Parents for all you do to enhance our school community.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun summer holiday!

Below you will find information

  • Grade Parent Sign Up
  • Lunch on the Lawn


We are currently recruiting grade parents for the 2019/2020 school year. The time commitment is not huge, but the impact you can have is. Being a grade parent is a very rewarding experience.

The main role as a Grade Parent is to help organize class and school events. Helping with these tasks enriches the students’ learning experience by allowing teachers to focus on teaching instead of on administrative tasks.


  • Quickly creating and distributing a class contact list (with permission from the parents and teacher)
  • Recruiting volunteers for in-class activities (e.g. reading, photocopying, Friday folders, parties, crafts, etc.)
  • Recruiting volunteers for Parent Council fundraising initiatives or LKS events (e.g. Springfest, Scientist-in-the-School, Terry Fox Walk, etc.)
  • Informing class parents of upcoming school and class events via email (e.g. LKS Bulletins, school concerts, class parties etc.)

If you are interested in becoming a Grade Parent for your child’s class, please contact Kerry Collings as soon as possible at collingskerry@gmail.com Grade Parents will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

LKS Lunch on the Lawn ~ Thursday, June 27, 2019.

For Kindergarten Students

The JK/SK’s will have a designated area for pizza lunch on the lawn in the Shale Pit.  They will set up in front of the baseball diamond located on the Northwest corner of the park (directly south of the school parking lot.) 

Classroom volunteers are asked to arrive at 11:10 am. and pick up the class pizza distribution list at the desk outside the office.  Grade 8 volunteers will deliver the pizza to the classroom. The parent volunteers will take the pizza boxes and snacks outside to the designated area and hand out the pizza.  Lunchroom supervisors will be on hand to escort the class and help you hand out the pizza. 

The JK/SK’s will be escorted back to the school at 12:00 pm.  Children that are supervised by a parent/caregiver can stay in the park until the bell rings at 12:30 pm. 

For Grades 1-8 Students

We ask that classroom volunteers arrive at the school at 11:20 am and pick up the class pizza distribution list at the desk in front of the office. The grade 8’s will deliver the pizza and snacks to your classroom.

Upon dismissal, the class will follow the volunteers to the park where everything will be distributed.  Please wait to distribute pizza and treats until you get outside and set up at the park. 

Students who are not supervised by a parent/caregiver will return to the school yard at 12:00.  Those who are being supervised by a parent/caregiver can stay in the park until 12:30.

For All Students and Parents/Guardians

Parents, caregivers and siblings are welcome to join in the fun.   If you are planning on joining in please wait outside in the designated area to avoid confusion and congestion in the school.  If you didn’t already place your order back in October and want to share in the pizza experience, you are welcome to do so on your own and pick it up at the store.  Call ahead as Domino’s will be busy making lots of pizzas!!!

Please be respectful of the park and throw garbage in the appropriate containers/bags.   Our goal is for everyone to have a great time and enjoy this wonderful last school day experience.  Thank you to all the volunteers.  We couldn’t do it without you.  

RAIN PLAN:  In the event of inclement weather – pizza on the lawn will be cancelled and the regular in class experience will take place.